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Deciding age a Raleigh.Denmark’s Bicycle VIN/dating system.

Deciding age a Raleigh.Denmark’s Bicycle VIN/dating system.

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Denmark’s Bike VIN/dating program

Observe that the serial quantity information below is fragmentary and partial, and many bikes have proven to be much more recent versus serial numbers indicate. It seems that Raleigh recycled most of the earlier serial figures in later years, so there are a lot of bicycles through the sixties and 70s with serial numbers that will suggest a lot greater era.

Remember that the serial amounts ideas below was fragmentary and partial, and several cycles are actually much new versus serial figures would suggest. It appears that Raleigh reused most of the old serial figures in old age, so are there countless bikes through the sixties and seventies that have serial data that would suggest a lot greater get older.

Sturmey-Archer Hubs

Many earlier Sturmey-Archer hubs posses two or three-letter model codes, which are typically stamped onto the hub layer. Conveniently, they even normally have the period additionally the last two digits of the season of produce stamped onto the shell. This is basically the simplest way to date a 3-speed bicycle, whether it has its own original back controls.


Just before 1925, authentic Raleighs (definitely not brands from Raleigh) got a straightforward statistical framework number.В Early decades were approximated by the business.В (tips from the Nottinghamshire Archives)

Keep in mind that the serial quantity facts below is fragmentary and unfinished, and many cycles are actually a great deal new as compared to serial figures would suggest. It seems that Raleigh reprocessed most of the elderly serial figures in later years, so there are countless bikes through the 1960s and 70s which have serial numbers that will advise much deeper age.

1925-Second Industry Battle

Between 1925 as well as the cessation of period creation through the Second industry combat, letters prefixed or suffixed the run frame amounts although no sign is provided with of this kick off point of the figures. They seem to reflect just the quantity of machinery developed while every and each page was at need. All matchmaking would therefore feel approximate.В В В (resources from the Nottinghamshire Archives)

Blog Post Next Community Combat – 1955

After the battle, Raleigh began including characters following run wide variety show which restarted whenever a unique letter was utilized.В В (Info through the Nottinghamshire Archives)

1955 – 1966

A brand new numbering system was launched in 1955, though this went simultaneously utilizing the older one for just two age. The new program involved one minute operating page, put into the first, which began in the very beginning of the alphabet.

Note:В Many of the mid-60’s direct measure 531 structures have serial rates starting with a single letter which was to the alphabet.

1967 – 1973

Still another quantity program was actually released in 1966.В This new system applied to the top-quality (i.e. Reynolds 531) structures, and included the positioning of a character at the beginning of the serial wide variety.В The character started in the beginning of the alphabet, and suggested 12 months of make.В info concerning numerals that stick to the alphabet tend to be sketchy, as they are presumably sequential serial amounts of some type.

1966: A, followed by four numerals 1967: B, with four numerals 1968: C, followed by four numerals 1969: D, accompanied by four numerals

1970: age, followed closely by four numerals 1971: F, accompanied by four numerals 1972: grams, followed by four numerals 1973: H, accompanied by four numerals

Note: Although this numbering scheme is generally real, there could happen some crossover utilization of emails in the beginning/end of each year (example. a «grams» serial quantity might have been built into a motorcycle in 1973, but the framework might have been integrated 1972).

1974 – 1980’s

In 1974, a totally various numbering system is introduced for your higher end (531 and chat room online free uzbekistan later 753) Raleighs. Serial rates has to start with a «W», which is short for Worksop, the premises that developed these frames. This really is accompanied by another alphabet. This alphabet shows the fortnight wherein the structure was actually constructed (in other words. A = 1st fortnight, B = 2nd, etc.). The 3rd figure is a numeral. What this means is the year of produce, the decade being thought (for example. «4» maybe ’74 or ’84; it is as much as the interpreter knowing sufficient to determine if the frame is actually through the 70’s or 80’s). Just what subsequently uses was several numbers. At this point, these be seemingly some form of sequence, but it’s maybe not become corroborated.

American generated Raleighs manufactured in Kent, Washington, By Derby period

Sample wide variety: R 0 033 1 0123 A

  • R (all)
  • Digits 1 & 5 include seasons. Trial is actually from 2001
  • Digits 2,3,4 include day (001-365). Trial is from February 2
  • Digits 6-9 were sequential. Test will be the 123rd cycle created that move.
  • A = morning move B= nights move. Test was morning move. Page signal may or may not be there, based on creation routine.

The audience is pleased to respond to technical issues by mail but kindly:

Try not to create or mobile us to inquire about this or value of your motorcycle. Most of the ideas we’ve on that is on this Web page or on

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