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You’re seeing Apigee sides paperwork, view Apigee X paperwork.

You’re seeing Apigee sides paperwork, view Apigee X paperwork.


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See this amazing video clips to learn more about solving 500 interior host mistakes.


Your client software becomes an HTTP updates rule of 500 making use of message «inner Server mistake» as a response for API phone calls. The 500 interior servers mistake could be brought on by one through the performance of every coverage within Edge or by an error regarding target/backend servers.

The HTTP updates rule 500 try a simple error impulse. It means that host encountered surprise condition that prevented they from rewarding the demand. This error is usually returned by the server when hardly any other error rule works.

Error Information

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You can find this amazing error content:

Sometimes, you may possibly discover another mistake information which has more information. Let me reveal a sample error content:

Feasible Factors

The 500 inner machine mistake maybe thrown because of several different causes. In side, the reasons tends to be classified into two primary groups based on where error taken place:

Performance Error in an Edge Rules

A Policy within the API proxy may fail for reasons uknown. This section clarifies simple tips to diagnose the issue if 500 inside machine Error happens while in the delivery of an insurance plan.


Symptomatic Procedures for Private and Market Cloud Users

If you possess the trace UI treatment for any mistake, after that:

  1. Verify that the error is as a result of the execution of an insurance policy. Discover Deciding the foundation associated with the problem for information.
  2. In the event that mistake happened during plan execution, remain.. If the mistake is due to the backend server, choose mistake when you look at the Backend servers.
  3. Find the API request that will be failing with 500 inner Server mistake inside trace.
  4. Study the consult and select the specific coverage which has had failed or the stream called «mistake» which immediately following the were unsuccessful coverage inside trace.
  5. Increase factual statements about the mistake either by examining the «error» area according to the Properties point or even the mistake contents.
  6. With the details you’ve amassed in regards to the error, make an effort to discover their influence.

Diagnostic Procedures for Private Affect Users Best

If you don’t have the trace UI period, after that:

  1. Check that the mistake happened throughout the delivery of an insurance policy. See Deciding the source from the difficulty for info.
  2. In the event that error is caused by policy delivery, carry on. In the event the mistake happened during rules performance, carry on. In the event the mistake was actually triggered by the backend server, check-out Error into the Backend Server.
  3. Make use of the Nginx access logs as revealed in identifying the source of the difficulties to ascertain the failing plan from inside the API proxy plus the distinctive demand message id
  4. Check out the information Processor logs ( /opt/apigee/var/log/edge-message-processor/logs/system.log ) and find the initial request message id with it.
  5. In the event you select the special consult content ID, try to find out more information regarding the cause for the breakdown.


When you have determined the main cause of the matter because of the policy, you will need to eliminate the situation by repairing the insurance policy and redeploying the proxy.

The following advice illustrate just how to identify the source and quality for different types of problem.

If you want additional services in problem solving 500 interior Server mistake or you suspect that it’s a problem within sides, get in touch with Apigee Support.

Sample 1: troubles operating Callout coverage because one in backend machine

In the event that telephone call toward backend host fails around the provider Callout policy with any mistake such as for example 4XX or 5XX, this may be should be handled as 500 inside Server mistake.

  1. Listed here is a good example where the backend solution fails with a 404 error inside the provider Callout plan. The next error information is distributed to the end user:
  2. The next trace UI treatment shows 500 position laws triggered due to one operating Callout plan:

  • In this example, the «error» home lists the explanation for this service membership Callout policy breakdown as «ResponseCode 404 are treated as mistake». This mistake may occur in the event that reference becoming reached via the backend machine URL in provider Callout policy just isn’t offered.
  • Check the option of the resource on the backend servers. It may not be available temporarily/permanently or it could have now been gone to live in a different location.
  • Sample 1 Resolution

    1. Check the accessibility to the reference about backend machine. It may not be available temporarily/permanently or this may happen moved to a unique location.
    2. Fix the backend host Address for the solution Callout rules to suggest a valid and existing resource.
    3. In the event the source is briefly unavailable, next decide to try making the API request when the reference can be acquired.

    Instance 2: Problems in Extract Variables Plan

    Why don’t we now glance at another sample, where 500 interior machine mistake was brought about considering an error during the Extract Variables plan and find out how to troubleshoot and solve the problem.

      The following trace in UI treatment demonstrates 500 updates rule because of one in Extract factors coverage:

    Find the failing plant factors coverage, scroll lower and look at the «mistake contents» section for much more facts:

  • The Error material suggests that the»serviceCallout.oamCookieValidationResponse» varying is certainly not available in the Extract Variables coverage. Due to the fact title with the adjustable means, it ought to be keeping the impulse associated with the preceding Service Callout rules.
  • Select the Service Callout policy within the trace while will dsicover the «serviceCallout.oamCookieValidationResponse» diverse had not been put. This means that that the label to your backend provider were not successful, resulting in an empty reaction varying.
  • Even though the provider Callout rules provides unsuccessful, the delivery with the strategies after Service Callout coverage carry on as the «continueOnError» flag when you look at the provider Callout rules is defined to genuine, as found below:

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